About John

John brings candor, common sense and a no-nonsense style to a business of hyped up marketing, over the top claims, and inflated promises. John is a loyal, tireless advocate who truly cares about doing the right thing for his clients.

John’s philosophy as a broker revolves around service and a personal touch. He believes that working with a client is a partnership and a privilege and serves his clients with a laser-focused approach and unrelenting commitment.

John has a Boulder Real Estate pedigree that goes back to 1984. With over 1,000 successful closings woven through both challenging and boom cycles, 50,000 hours spent learning, improving and refining his real estate acumen, and local connections and contacts that span four decades, you can trust John to handle your deal with confidence.

John is a broker whose clients return, deal after deal. Generation after generation. Their testimonials say it best: “A natural go getter” ” A True Gem in a field of cheap knock offs” “The Tiffany and Co. of Realtors” “Tireless work ethic” “A Consummate Pro” “Astute negotiator” “Relaxed but focused on the details” “A remarkable breadth of market knowledge” “A listener and an anticipator” “Rock solid, loyal advocate” “A cleaver, creative, strategic thinker” Click below for hundreds of John’s testimonials!

John is passionate about Boulder Valley Real Estate. He believes that Real Estate is likely the best investment most of us will ever make. He is an astute investor who bought his first rental house while earning his MBA from CU. By the time he turned 30, he owned 20 investment properties in Boulder. He has deep experience navigating Boulder’s challenging development process. John believes that opportunities are all around us and he has a love for the possibilities.

When it comes to Boulder Valley Real Estate, John knows the ropes and the roads and has the wherewithal to make deals happen…